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Why are companies using chatbots?

The use of chatbots is increasing in the customer service areas of companies both for their benefits as well as for their...


The use of chatbots is increasing in the customer service areas of companies due to their benefits as well as the savings in resources and time that their use implies. This type of artificial intelligence has revolutionized the conversational marketing of companies, as it greatly improves interaction with customers and helps to achieve customer loyalty.

The use of these programs makes customer interactions more human and enables real-time communications, which is why their use is the future of corporate customer service.

While this type of artificial intelligence does not completely replace customer communications, it is a tool that transforms communications by enabling contact that is more tailored to current customer needs and amplifying interaction possibilities.

What are chatbots?

First of all, it should be noted that bots are artificial intelligence programs that are characterized by their ability to perform programmed tasks without the help of a human.

For their part, chatbots are those artificial intelligence programs that can hold real conversations with customers, in addition to performing other types of tasks such as gathering information and even driving brand sales.

This type of program can be used in any instant messaging application (social networks, WhatsApp or chats integrated into the website), which is essential for communications over the Internet, which are increasingly used nowadays.

Chatbots understand the text written by customers and interpret it, then look for relevant information to provide a response. Although at the beginning the level of conversation that the bots had was very basic, over time the software has been updated and today it is possible for them to have more complex conversations, simulating a real person.

What added value do chatbots bring to companies?

Improve quality of care

Programming a chatbot to answer the most frequent customer queries improves the service capacity of human operators, who can concentrate on more specific queries that require other types of interaction. The use of chatbots allows to reduce the traffic of queries, freeing the other customer service channels for customers who require a more personalized communication.

Expansion of production capacity

Chatbots can work without a limit of customers, so the response capacity is notoriously expanded, in addition to reducing the time of attention. Chatbots are available 24 hours a day and every day of the year, so they can interact with a large number of customers. This enables the growth of the company or opens the possibility of entering new markets.

Improve interaction with customers

The implementation of chatbots on the company's website or instant messaging applications also offers the possibility for customers to communicate when they want to and not when the company decides. While chatbots cannot solve all queries, the customer can have a real conversation and find information relevant to their query when they need it, without having to wait to make their query during business hours.

24-hour advisory services

For companies that have an online store, a chatbot can help them increase sales by providing 24-hour advice on available products. Customers can decide to make purchases if they have the information they need, something that a chatbot can offer at any time of the day. The artificial intelligence used in these software programs helps simulate a human conversation, thus achieving more sales and a better customer experience.

Help collect customer information

Chatbots not only interact with customers, but also collect valuable information and data for market research to help develop appropriate marketing campaigns. Interactions with customers allow the chatbot to build profiles and collect data on frequently asked questions, customer preferences and most searched products. Likewise, real-time information can be collected on unsuccessful sales and the reasons for them, to improve sales effectiveness.

What must be taken into account for the successful use of chatbots?

  • User-friendly design
  • Give the bot a name and use it in customer interaction to make the customer feel at ease.
  • Pay attention to the font size used, the size of images and links, they must be clear and visually pleasing.
  • Ask for all the necessary information to avoid the customer having to write the same thing several times. This may discourage him/her from continuing the contact.

It should be noted that the use of chatbots does not replace human contact, but is a complementary tool that helps to expand the business, improving interactions with customers. Chatbots make communications more efficient and provide support that is more adapted to current requirements, such as 24/7 attention or shorter response times.



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