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Customer management

Use cases

Learn about our pre-trained flows that respond to industry-specific cases and simplify the implementation of AI in your business.

Facilitates the contracting of services

Simplify the management of specialists for your customers: allow them to book and coordinate technician visits, for appliance installation or any other home service.

Ideal for

Informs about the nearest branch

Through WhatsappApp, your customers can consult when theyál is the office or branch closest to their location location and know the opening hours hours of operation.

Manage the agenda

This feature allows your customers to schedule, modify or cancel appointments automatically, without leaving the chat.

Simplifies authentication process

Allow your customers to authenticate themselves and validate their identity in a simple and intuitive way, while protecting their data.

Register your customers

We integrate with Salesforce to facilitate the process of signing up new customers. Our AI mirrors the registration in the CRM and simplifies the task.

Validates identity

Facilitates the pre-qualification process of your potential customers. With their document number, the system relieves their credit situation and you can anticipate a response to their request.

Answers frequently asked questions

Automatically answer your customers' most common questions to reduce their waiting time.

Facilitates the reservation of amenities

It simplifies guests' stay and allows them to secure their place in their favorite activities.

Attends to complaints and claims

Facilitate communication with your customers in situations that require immediate resolution. Take advantage of the detection of feelings and intentions to anticipate next steps.

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