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Internal processes

Use cases

Learn about our pre-trained flows that respond to industry-specific cases and simplify the implementation of AI in your business.

Facilitates reporting and consultation of vacation days

Streamline your employees' leave and vacation requests and queries. The bot records the data and can trigger further actions, such as sending notification emails to leaders or HR.

Ideal for

Web conversations_Vacation days query

Simplifies recruitment tasks

The ally of Human Resources or People departments.

This assistant receives applications, filters resumes to highlight the best candidates and contacts potential collaborators to survey interest and compatibility of salary expectations, among others.


Accompanies the onboarding of new employees

Improve the experience of newly hired employees by guiding them through their first weeks with a virtual assistant who uses a friendly tone and adapts to the organizational culture.

The bot is trained with documents (PDF, Word) with information about the company, its processes and any other relevant information.

Conversations web_Onboarding

Generates a knowledge base for customer care

These virtual assistants are trained with complex information obtained from a website, an intranet or a document (or all of them at the same time). At the same time, they can be integrated into the company's systems to obtain data from end customers.

It is ideal as a query source for contact center agents, who, instead of scrolling through several files looking for answers, ask the bot the question.

knowledge base-1
knowledge base-2

Processes documentation

These bots obtain documents from the company's systems, analyze them and extract the relevant information from each one.

They then send this data to a second system (e.g. CRM), and this triggers different processes, such as the registration of a new customer, the cancellation of a service, the freezing of a bank account, among others.

Document analysis

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