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About the platform

What do we do?

Our platform allows you to create intelligent virtual assistants that include text, voice and even images and videos.

With the support of generative AI, our bots generate personalized responses and content based on your users' history, preferences, context and feelings.

How do we understand bots?

We understand bots and their evolution through generations, from simple rule-based bots to sophisticated artificial intelligences capable of simulating human behavior.

They only handle preprogrammed queries,
do not learn or adapt. Their interfaces are simple and based on option menus. They are integrated with company information systems. They receive images or voice messages and extract their content.

Examples of use
  • Customer service for frequently asked questions.
  • Appointment booking and technical visits.
  • Notification of due dates, payment management, schedule and availability.
  • Sending of abandoned cart messages, change of status of requests/order and completed sale.
  • Transformation of WhatsApp audios to text.
  • Reading and processing of documents, such as medical prescriptions or driver's license.

They combine basic rules with AI elements. They handle more complex conversations and detect intentions from keywords.

Examples of use
  • Recommend products or services based on preferences.
  • Replicate online stores in WhatsApp, with the possibility to display catalog and search for products.
  • Redirect the customer to an inquiry branch, for example, to view options for a certain type of product or service.

They are trained on documents (PDF, Word, etc.) and websites. They understand user requests or queries and search knowledge bases for the answer that most closely matches the question. They do not use generative AI, so they always answer in the same way.

Examples of use
  • Assistance in the incorporation and training of employees, which becomes a channel to centralize the company's information and processes.
  • Event center bot that informs the client about the shows of the month and informs about ticket prices, where to get them and admission requirements.
  • Wizard for queries on product features and frequently asked questions: information on car models, general information on insurance coverage, credit requirements, etc.

They use generative AI to perform complex tasks and learn in an advanced way. They have conversations based on user preferences. It is possible to define the language and tone with which they communicate. They are capable of processing large volumes of data.

Examples of use
  • Analysis of judicial dispositions and subsequent actions, such as freezing of bank accounts.
  • Internal assistance to customer service agents, with integration to the company's systems.
  • Booking of appointments and activities to present the client with different options according to the information collected.
  • Management and negotiation of collections and arrears.

Why choose us?

Our goal is to help you automate more and more tasks. That is why our fee is based on the number of sessions. Based on this unit of measurement, we have monthly packages from 2,500 sessions up to more than 1 million.

A session includes all messages contained in a conversation from the time it is started until it is closed by customer action or "time out". It does not matter how many incoming or outgoing messages there are in a session.

Within the platform, create as many users as you want and assign them different profiles according to usage. Don't worry about the number! It doesn't affect your bill.

Design as many streams as you want on our platform, it will not affect your fee. The monthly fee will also not change depending on the number of modules or channels you have active (WhatsApp, Instagram, Webchat, etc.) We want you to use Hey Now for everything!

If your bot uses artificial intelligence (AI), the costs will be included in the monthly fee. No surprises. 

All packages above 5,000 sessions include support team hours, which can be used to improve the quantity and quality of actions performed by your bots, so that you can delegate more and more tasks to our platform. For smaller packages, we can quote optimizations on demand.

We want our customers to have the best experience with our tool. For this reason, we have a customer success team that will accompany and support you every step of the way.

We have pre-trained models for the most common needs of each industry, but we also have a flow designer so you can easily add new flows or improve the current ones. You can also train your AI models.

You can download at any time all the data of the conversations that were made on the platform, including phone numbers. You can use standard reports, design custom reports or connect our API to your systems.

We serve your customers in the languages you define, including local idioms.

You can design outbound message campaigns based on any rules you want. It is as simple as defining: "If it rains, send message A; if it is sunny, send message B".

Our team permanently monitors the performance of all platforms to ensure a robust experience with no downtime.

Integrate to any system

Our bots can be integrated into any system your company already uses (if it has an API).

This means that your virtual assistants can respond from various sources, with information from corporate resources, databases, public information (such as that available on your website), among others.

Some of the most common:

A little more about our platform

Immediacy and availability

Interact with your customers in real time, without delays, and respond to them in a personalized way 24/7.

Simple implementation and support from the start

We support you every step of the way from onboarding and provide ongoing training. In addition, we work with agile methodologies for implementation.

Multiple channels, one conversation

We identify the user no matter where he/she contacts us (omnichannel). A conversation can start via WhatsApp, continue via Instagram and end via email, without the customer having to repeat their data. In addition, we process text, audio, video and image (multimodal).

Detection of feelings and intentions

Using AI, we identify the entities (such as name, document, date, city, etc.), mood and intentions of users in each interaction. This allows you to have more information about them and respond more accurately to their queries.

Reports according to your interests

Choose the data you want to visualize and create your own reports. Take advantage of our analysis tools to better understand your audience.

Ability to serve thousands of customers at a time

Achieve scalable communication that allows you to respond to hundreds or thousands of messages at the same time. Maintain quality in every interaction, regardless of the medium of contact.

Sending proactive messages

Don't just receive inquiries: send mass messages to your customers and activate conversations with them! Take the opportunity to tell them about promotions or remind them of their abandoned purchases.

Use Hey Now on any channel