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Millennials: the audience that will make your company grow

One of the key points for the growth of a company is the establishment of a target or objective public, that specific group of...

Millenials Chatbots

One of the key points for the growth of a company is the establishment of a target or target audience, that specific group of people to whom the largest amount of advertising will be directed to capture their attention. There are many audiences, but there is one in particular that is attracting the attention of all companies due to its great purchasing power and how difficult it can be to reach and retain it: millennials.

Much has been said about them and their unpredictable consumer behavior. But it has also become an important issue for companies, as it is expected that by 2020 they will represent 35 to 40 percent of customers. That is why you should consider focusing your marketing and communication strategies to reach this audience.

These are key points about millennials' behavior that you should consider when offering products and services:

Digital natives

They have not had to adapt to technology, as they have grown up with it. In fact, they cannot imagine their lives without it. Through screens and the Internet, they not only maintain their basic daily relationships, but also get information, entertain themselves and make purchases. They are very active in digital media, therefore, for them, reality and virtuality are not mutually exclusive.

Extremely social

Most of them have profiles in different social networks. They share their activities, hobbies, interests and opinions with different people, avoiding geographical limits. They also use these channels to communicate with companies, share their experiences with products and services, and seek recommendations for them (they trust the opinions of their peers more than what a company can say about itself).

Multi-screen and multi-device

They complement the multiple digital channels and devices in their daily lives. For example, they can search for information about a product they are interested in on their smartphone and then make the purchase via their laptop, or watch a movie on their tablet while communicating with friends via their mobile. This means that, just as they can switch from one device to another in a matter of seconds, they can use more than one at a time.

Because of this, companies should strive to offer an omnichannel service, i.e., use the different digital channels to communicate with them, taking care of the customer experience at each point of contact.

Your life is mobile

Mobile screens are their favorite, through them they socialize, have fun and even work, so they are fully integrated into their activities and tasks of their daily lives. This has led companies to adapt their interaction methods through mobile applications, offering them greater freedom and a better shopping experience.

Highly critical and demanding

Most would stop preferring a company because of a bad customer experience, especially if it is an online and mobile digital experience. And not only that, they would also share their negative experience through their social networks.

So, if a company wants to keep this target group and take care of its digital reputation, it is important that it not only focuses on offering quality products or services, but also on the experience throughout the buying process, which should be customer-centric.

Self-sufficient and autonomous

They expect to be able to do everything on their own quickly and easily. That's why companies must provide digital experiences through which they can quickly find the information they need and shop expeditiously, regardless of location or schedules.

Chatbots: captivate millennials through technology

The characteristics described above give clear signals on how to reach this generation: digitally, through mobile applications and taking care of the customer experience through an omnichannel, personalized, agile and fully available service.

This is why more and more companies are betting on chatbots, programs configured to have conversations with people, understanding natural language and identifying the individual needs of each customer. chatbotschatbots, programs configured to hold conversations with people, understanding natural language and identifying the individual needs of each customer. Among its benefits are:

  • They offer an agile service through the channels used by millennials, such as social networks and messaging applications.
  • They provide 24 x 7 attention.
  • They serve different users simultaneously, saving resources for the companies.
  • They learn with every interaction to offer increasingly personalized attention.
  • They allow gathering information about users' interests and needs.

Millennials are considered the world's most powerful consumers. This is why it is necessary for companies to adapt to their demands with technological solutions, which, for them, are part of their daily lives.



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