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Highlight: Uruguay gets vaccinated

We integrated a chatbot into the MSP's communication channels to facilitate the vaccination schedule and bring information about COVID-19 closer to the public.



  • How to simplify public access to information on COVID-19 in Uruguay?
  • How to democratize the COVID-19 vaccination schedule process to reach as many people as possible?

What we did

We automate the communication channels of the Ministry of Public Health (MSP) and its campaign Uruguay gets vaccinated through a bot.

How we did it

We integrated chatbot to the WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Web Chat channels of the MSP. In the first stage, the bot automatically responded to citizens' queries about COVID-19 at any time and from the channel of their choice.

Once the vaccines were available, we also automated the scheduling process: people would check if they were due to book an appointment, review their details and receive a reminder of date, time and place.

Today, the system works both to schedule any of the three vaccine doses and to check the status of the schedule request or cancel it.


Pablo Orefice
Ex-director at Agesic

"The Hey Now experience was key to bringing relevant information about COVID-19, including the vaccination schedule, to every person."

"It is an added value for citizens to know that they can access this data quickly and whenever they want. With the current level of digitalization of the population, chatbots on Whatstapp and Facebook were very important to reach all people on the platforms that are most everyday for them."


  • 45% of citizen queries were through the bot
  • 1.6 million sessions in a single day
  • 134 million messages successfully trafficked
  • +800,000 people scheduled for vaccinations
  • 70,000 people were booked through the bot in the first 24 hours after the release of the third dose.



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