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Who we are

About us

We are a platform that allows you to build bots with different functionalities and for various purposes, without the need for programming skills.

Since 2016 we have been helping companies automate their internal processes and interaction with their customers.

We are part of Quantik

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We are present in more than 15 countries

With offices and through partners, we reach countries in Latin America, the Caribbean, North America and Europe.

We can integrate with the most relevant systems

Why choose us?

Quick and easy implementation

We integrate with your company's existing systems, allowing an implementation time of between one and three weeks. Take advantage of our ready-to-use pre-trained models and the possibility of training customized models.

Immediacy and availability

Interact with your customers in real time, without delays, and respond to them in a personalized way 24/7.

Accompaniment from the beginning

We support you every step of the way from onboarding and provide ongoing training. Our customers rate our after-sales service with 4.33/5. In addition, we work with agile methodologies for implementation.

Multiple channels and formats

We identify the user no matter where he/she contacts us (omnichannel). A conversation can start on WhatsApp, continue on Instagram and end on email, without the customer having to repeat their data. In addition, we attend through all channels (multichannel) and process text, audio, video and image (multimodal).

Reports according to your interests

Choose the data you want to visualize and create your own reports. Take advantage of our analysis tools to better understand your audience.

Detection of feelings and intentions

We identify the entities, moods and intentions of users in each interaction. This allows you to have more information about them and respond more accurately to their queries.

Ability to serve thousands of customers at a time

Achieve scalable communication that allows you to respond to hundreds or thousands of messages at the same time. Maintain quality of care in every interaction, regardless of the medium of contact.

Sending proactive messages

Don't just receive inquiries: send mass messages to your customers and activate conversations with them! Take the opportunity to tell them about promotions or remind them of their abandoned purchases.